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From the busy executive to the artist and more, your success means long-term quality sobriety!

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Recovery in Daily Living and Working

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The importance of taking your experience in recovery, treatment and sober living, into bringing it into the workplace… It comes as no surprise of course that Mondays don’t tend to have a great reputation among most people.  Whether you’re out here in New York City or elsewhere around the country, or the world for that

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Sober Living That Redefines “Success”

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As The Penthouse Sober Living continues to emerge as being New York’s premier upscale addiction recovery support residence, we likewise continue to maintain the belief that aspiring for excellence is an ongoing journey.  While each component of what we offer is quite special in and of itself, the ultimate goal is to create a platform

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Way Beyond Luxury Sober Living

My experience with the people of The Penthouse and Sober Living NYC is nothing short of amazing! This is an environment that has proven its ability to introduce sober living and even addiction treatment guidance in a manner I had never experienced before.

Penthouse Sober Living Home in New York City

I Never Knew Sober Living Could Be Quite Like This!

( Kevin L | Manhattan, NY )

I've known the owner of The Penthouse for some time now, and he has always maintained a level of integrity and "lead-by-example" mindset that I have tried to emulate in my own life. I know firsthand the trials and tribulations of addiction and I can say, without question, that persevering through it requires that type of approach toward living.

New York Sober Living Residences for Executives

My Experience with The Owner…

( Jason K | Los Angeles, CA )

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