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New York, NY

Addiction Recovery and Sober Living in New York City…

Recovering from addiction & alcoholism in “the city that never sleeps” definitely has its advantages…


luxury high end sober living addiction recovery in new york cityNew York City and its 5 buroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens & Bronx) have long been considered as being central hubs for those in active sobriety.  From having a strong 12-Step presence with respect to AA and NA to residential treatment and sober living home options, New York City and State is the place to be!

When The Penthouse Sober Living first came to be, we put a lot of thought into what would be considered a prime location for its residents.  We knew that its focus would mainly be those in executive or corporate level positions, or possibly newly sober clients just completing an inpatient drug rehab and in search of a transitional housing environment that embodied such things as customized care, privacy, comforts and luxury and a highly skilled staff.  More important however, was the reality that The Penthouse needed to integrate a unique and personalized structure that would be most effective and widely customizable.

While it was originally our hope to land in the heart of Manhattan, New York’s global epicenter for commerce, finance, the arts and so much more, The Penthouse Sober Living came to be regarded not only as Brooklyn’s top-tier men’s recovery residence, but a standard for excellence and efficacy on a national level!  It quickly gained recognition as being “New York City’s Premier High-End & Executive Level Sober Living Recovery Residence for Men.”

– Sobriety in New York City

Those of you familiar with the various recovery communities throughout the State of New York are likely aware of its uniqueness.  Whether it has to do with 12-Step communities like AA, NA, CA and so forth, or along the more clinical side of things in terms of drug treatment centers, sober livings & recovery homes and facilities of the like, there exists a very special “sober” vibe out here that cannot quite be quantified with mere words.  For instance, whereas in some parts of the country there exists a sort of humdrum undertone within the recovery community, out in New York it’s actually “cool” to be sober!  It’s fun, it’s energized and it’s never ending wave of social events and group support all wrapped into one.  It is a lifestyle like none other, and out here in New York City it takers on a form that is truly special.

luxury sober living recovery homes for men in New York City, NY

For those interested in finding an executive-level recovery environment that offers a well-balanced setting combining luxury and comfort within a highly effective clinical & support component, The Penthouse is exactly that.  In addition, we also provide and expanded array of services for those in need of such things as recovery or life coaching, therapist and psychiatrist referrals, holistic services (massage, yoga, nutrition, etc.), worldwide travel companions, court liason and documentation services and more.

Our staff is available to answer all questions and schedule tours 7 days a week.  Please contact us either by phone 24/7 at (646) 549-1845 or by using the confidential contact form on this page…we look forward to hearing from you!


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