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Customized Professional Treatment Services…

Going beyond luxury sober living with expanded private services including intervention, recovery coaching, therapy referrals, etc


luxury sober living and addiction recovery in new yorkAs a team of experienced recovery professionals, we are well acquainted with the unique needs that individuals often face along the transition path from active addiction into recovery. The process is very unique to each individual and there are many factors to consider. Whether you or a loved one are still in active addiction or already on the path to recovery, it is important to consider that every decision today can have long-term implications for tomorrow…

The Penthouse offers a full time staff available around the clock. Our staff has experience working in every stage of the recovery process, from interventions and sober companioning, to court advocacy and more. While all aspects of the recovery process are important, we have seen time and again that the foundation built in sober living has the greatest impact on long-term sobriety. All staff members are in recovery themselves in order to better empathize, guide and support clients into a lasting recovery.

– Intervention Services

While some individuals will choose to enter a residential drug rehab center at the outset of their recovery, others will see greater benefit in the more customized and personal approach offered here at The Penthouse. However for those needing help and guidance in making the first move, we offer the complete array of intervention and family support services. No matter the location, The Penthouse works within a network of highly regarded intervention companies that are able to provide services worldwide.

– Sober Companions & Recovery Coaches

Our Sober Companions are dedicated to supporting clients through the transition into sober life, offering around-the-clock care, transportation and guidance. Working with our sober companions and recovery coaches together, you will develop coping skills to avoid triggers and prevent future relapses, creating a safe environment as they accompany you in exploring the challenges of recovery. These professionals provide encouragement, guidance and support, enabling the client to truly maximize the recovery process in numerous respects.

– Additional Private Recovery Services

The ultimate goal here at The Penthouse Sober Living is to make this the last time that you or your loved one are beginning the recovery process. With that in mind, we believe in utilizing every tool out there, anything and everything that will best ensure the prospect of long-term, quality sobriety. Our network of service providers through the New York region include therapists, counselors, personal & life coaches, psychiatrists and more. Whatever the added treatment service may be, as needed on a case by case basis, rest assured that our network of professionals are on standby and ready to help 24 hours a day!


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