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Sober Living That Redefines “Success”

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As The Penthouse Sober Living continues to emerge as being New York’s premier upscale addiction recovery support residence, we likewise continue to maintain the belief that aspiring for excellence is an ongoing journey.  While each component of what we offer is quite special in and of itself, the ultimate goal is to create a platform in which the entire recovery process can truly exist on a deeper, more effective level.  The Penthouse, with it’s luxuriously appointed executive-type residence, tends to attract those who lead busy corporate lifestyles as well others accustomed to the finer things life.

Our approach to sober living, recovery housing and addiction treatment services in general, is that of an integrative, holistic and proactive mindset as it applies to merging sobriety with real-life matters.  We realize that one of the major stumbling blocks in early sobriety happens to be the simple day to day rigors, of which are so often looked upon with impunity by non-addicts.  However, for the person new in recovery, something as simple as a minor fender bender or an argument with a loved one can spiral into a relapse waiting to happen!

Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding much more information on The Penthouse Sober Living and our one-of-a-kind executive level environment here in New York City.  Ultimately, we hope to grow into a beacon of hope and guidance for those of you struggling to overcome drug addiction and/or alcoholism. 

We are here for you24/7 at (646) 549-1845 or by email at info@penthousesoberliving.com.

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