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Recovery in Daily Living and Working

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The importance of taking your experience in recovery, treatment and sober living, into bringing it into the workplace…

It comes as no surprise of course that Mondays don’t tend to have a great reputation among most people.  Whether you’re out here in New York City or elsewhere around the country, or the world for that matter, most people automatically operate by the credo that “Mondays suck.”  But who says that needs to be the case?  Is it a learned behavior that is so deeply engrained within our society that it doesn’t even merit a second thought?  Here at The Penthouse Sober Living, New York’s Premier Executive Addiction Recovery Residence, we take a new approach, a much better approach!

We wholeheartedly believe in one’s ability to completely change the paradigm.  Imagine applying the principles of sobriety into your daily work regimen.  Imagine starting each new day with an open and inviting heart, in which you welcome the day ahead and all that it may have to offer.  Imagine no longer dreading Monday morning and instead, taking those things your learned in drug rehab or sober living or maybe in the rooms of AA or NA, and and truly applying them not just to your routine, but to your outlook in general.

Truth be told, the great thing about New York is that it offers such hustle and bustle, such immense collective energy among huge numbers of people.  You can either get lost in it or embrace it.  You can either wake up each morning knowing that another meager day is here and what’s the use of trying, or that another amazing day is here, a day filled with opportunities for growth in untold ways!  How do you want to live?  Do you want to grow?  Do you want to develop new patterns for living as a sober and productive member of society?

We encourage you to harness the power of the mind and change your paradigm!  Try waking up tomorrow morning with a note on your bedside table as reminder for a new thought process…  It works, it really does.  If you are in active drug addiction then try using that same exact paradigm switch as it could apply to recovery, and if not then use it in another direction, but there is always a direction to take it!

The Penthouse Sober Living in New York City maintains an open forum on this blog page and invites any and all comments, suggestions and so on.  Feel free to reach us 24/7 at (646) 549-1845 or by email at info@penthousesoberliving.com.

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